As far as I could remember, I dreamed of being able to draw the human figure. I just thought– being able to draw a person realistically would help me express these grand stories I had in my head. And every time I tried to draw them, they would be a complete mess. At this point, I’ve already convinced […]

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Sketchbook 1: Bare.

1st Captain Mok’s journey to learning how to draw. Letting his guard down with sketchbook 1.

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You know.. this morning started off pretty rough. Like, I slammed the snooze button about 4 times this morning. That’s 40 minutes of extra sleep. And 40 minutes of commuting time I lost. If you’re wondering, my phone snoozes for 10 minutes, I am honestly not sure if that’s normal on other devices but I […]

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Another Day, Another Thought

During this week/end, I really tried to take some photos of the Nendoroids and I really wanted to take photos of the gift from my S.O. Sadly, I was swamped with homework. Read this. Write that. Slowly die inside.  I have the most fun reading my Python textbook and applying it because it’s something I’ve been […]

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Old Hobbies Die Hard

A few years ago, my hobby of collecting sneakers had been neck in neck with playing video games. Leisurely playing video games when I had the time and browsing for sneakers when I didn’t. I just loved the aesthetics that shoe creators put into designing a shoe. Honestly, it’s the little details that get to me […]

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